Hello! My name is Nicole and I make a mess. Actually, I make a lot of messes. My poor roommates! I am convinced that my dad and I would probably never argue about anything (except for maybe Rush Limbaugh/Fox News) if my room wouldn’t have been such a mess, growing up.

Finally, I live alone!  BUT, my apartment currently looks like the FBI went through to search for evidence.  In my defense, it’s really small (ie: cheap) and only has one closet. ONE CLOSET. And I have way too much stuff/many clothes. There is one drawer for silverware and one cabinet for pots and pans in the kitchen. No pantry, no shelves, no nothing. The bathroom has a (shallow) medicine cabinet.  I am lucky to have a storage space downstairs that is pretty sizable, but who wants to go down into the musty basement to find things every day? NOT ME.

I have decided to start this blog to document my creative ways of decorating and finding/making more space in my little home. I am hoping that it/you will keep me accountable to my continuation of getting my shit together.

A few things you should know about me:

* I do everything the CHEAPEST and LEAST TIME CONSUMING way possible. This is because I am poor and also have ADD. You are not going to find fancy IKEA hacks that take a lot of time and/or money. (You might find really cheap and easy ones though, if I can find some that don’t use power tools and what-not) In fact, unless I win the lottery, you won’t see anything that costs more than probably 50bucks total, for any given project. And that’s only because I didn’t realize I was going to end up spending 50bucks on whatever it was. Whenever I see a project that says it will cost 50bucks, I usually skip it and try to do it cheaper. (And probably spend 50bucks anyways)

* I have 2 really effing adorable cats, and you can bet they will be featured in pictures because the fat one (Spike) likes to pose and the little one (Riku, who is little, for now…) is always in the way.

*Sometimes I am just going to post things that I think are cool and ignore the fact that I am s’posed to be cleaning up my apartment. You have permission to point it out.

*I like to make things with glass. Mosaics mostly, but also leaded glass things, and whatever I can dream up. I will sometimes feature things that I make for my place, or for gifts. Or maybe even something you can buy? Here’s hoping!!

Ok, enough about me, lets get to it!

My Living Room:

Living Room

What a horrible picture from my phone! That's ok. This way you can't really tell how horrifically messy it is ;)

First things first. I am sick of looking at all the random stuff in my curio. I’m sure my Grandmothers would have had pretty things to display in them, but I need this storage space! And I really don’t want to look at the random stuff I will store in there. Here’s the Before and After:



See. Just a bunch of random stuff. (and another crappy phone pic, wut?)


Fabric to the rescue!!

I made a trip to Hancock’s Fabric and got lucky with deals and sales!! Yay! I love deals and sales! The fabric you see covering the glass doors of the curio cost me 37cents! Yesss… I even got some sweet headbands out of the scraps. All I did was use this really rad product called Tear Mender. It’s a fabulous adhesive that glues fabric together. It apparently also will glue it to just about anything. Like glass! Awesome! I obviously need to go back and straighten the left door so it matches up with the right, but you get the idea! I also have to go and route out the channel that the doors sit in so they will actually MOVE. They’re kinda stuck in there right now. :) Whoops.

Ok, on to the love seat. I once had the cushions covered with some cheap cotton fabric. It was dark grey with a black baby’s breath pattern on it. Worked fine when I lived with the ex since he had a black couch. Ripped the fabric off when i moved in with my last roommate (mostly to discard a boat load of cat hair) as it looked good with her cream leather couch and the hardwood everything in the place.  Now, I am into lots of COLOR. No more blacks and creams and what-not. As you can see in the above pictures, I pained my wall bright blue. I decided to go with a golden yellow color for the cushions, etc. I really lucked out! I found a Stain Release awesome Damask patterned fabric for $3.95/yard! YESSSS…. Ended up using 6+ out of the 7 yards I bought, total. (Oh darn, extra fabric…) I used a combo of pins and Tear Mender to get the fabric to stay put. I also did not cover the ENTIRE cushion on anything but the arm rests. No use wasting fabric on spots you won’t see!  Here’s some Before and After:

2Tone love seat

Side-By-Side comparison of old and new! I'm no master upholsterer (that's a word, say it! It feels funny in your mouth.) but I think it looks pretty good!

Riku Corner

Riku sat still for 3 seconds! Win!


Spike Corner

I have about 15 more of Spike posing for me...


You may notice the bright blue throw pillows? $1.99 Bandanas folded in half and turned into pillows! I just used the Tear Mender on the edges instead of sewing, turned them inside out, and stuffed them with pillow batting! I think the stuffing was 5 or 6 bucks for 1 package that filled both of them. They’re a little on the lumpy side, but totally worth it. I found that right when I was starting to get really bored with the stuffing of them, I seemed to have the right amount of stuffing! ADD FTW!  I also threw some fabric cheapies that I found over the little night stand/side table that’s in the corner there. It is white and has a burn mark from a cone incense holder, plus a sticker that won’t come off. Plus a blanket and a cute little sewing box (also from Hancock’s) on top. This living room is coming together!!

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