I was stumbling through the Internets and landed on an ivilliage.com article about 45 different bedrooms. I then proceeded to check out some other photo galleries of organization ideas (which I desperately need) and curtain ideas (which I’ve been pondering). I will share the bedroom inspirations with you here, since I’ve totally forgotten what it was that I wanted to post about!

Bedroom Inspiration.

Don’t worry, you’ll get nice (if not in quality, then in quantity) pictures of my bedroom and it’s similarity to the sty of a cute little pink piglet. (Really it just looks like my closet exploded, which it may as well have.)



My bedroom is green and so is this one. Awesome.

There is so much I love about this green room! I mean, pretty much everything. I was not brave enough to paint my room lime. I guess I didn’t ever even have the urge to paint it lime, but I admire this person’s courage. (Mine’s more of a mint.) The mixed patters are fabulous and the headboard is divine. WANT.




This pattern makes me happy. ---> :D

I really love the pattern on this headboard! I have seen it a few different places over the past few months (in various bright colors) and have loved it every time. I think the first time I noticed it was on the Absolutely Beautiful Things blog, which is always a huge inspiration to me. You can bet I will find a way to use that pattern somewhere in my bedroom…




These floral patterns really bringing out the girly girl in me!

One wall being different in color or pattern from the other 3 (or more) in a room makes such a great statement and allows you to do so much more with the wall decor. ¬†Imagine if you put this floral design on all of the walls… Your shelves, mirrors, art, etc. could get lost in the pattern. While it sometimes makes an even bigger statement, I prefer the “clean slate” of the plain walls in the room for contrast. I have been having a hard time deciding what to do with my big, blank, bedroom wall. This is a beautiful example of what won’t work for me in this apartment, but will hopefully work in the future!




Love, love, LOVE this headboard. <3!

The girliness is coming out again, I guess. This floral pattern and color has me weak in the knees! Again, it won’t work in my current bedroom, but I think I am definitely convinced that floral sheets (and maybe a couple of pillows) are a MUST for my bed. This is progress, folks!

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