Oh boy! I sure was sick this week! There’s nothing like being mentally motivated to actually get some work done in your own apartment and then being struck down with a devil cold from HELL. I spent Monday and Tuesday from my bed, looking out into the living room I wanted to rearrange and clean. I think I left my house 1 time to get tissues and toilet paper.  And food that wasn’t Carnation Instant Breakfast. (IE: Frozen Pizza and Hot Pockets) I felt better on Wednesday and EVEN BETTER yesterday (Thursday) so I just went for it and attacked the living room. I even remembered to take pictures! Hooray! :D


First thing I did was move enough stuff around so that I could move the couch. I didn’t hate where it was. I actually kinda liked it, but I figured moving it so it would be against the wall instead of having a corner directly behind it would help me use more of my space. I was right! It even feels a little more open that it did before! And BONUS: Cats can’t hide under there anymore. Sorry Spike, your fatness has to find somewhere else to hide when it’s time for a road trip!



BEFORE: Corner was blocked by love-seat.



AFTER: Pushed the love-seat against the blue wall and brought the side table out. Opened up space and still allows for the cozy “visiting area” I was going for originally.


AFTER: Here’s a little more of an angle. I guess I didn’t get any pictures that show the chair that is also there. It’s just to the right, facing the couch. You’ll see it sometime. Probably with a cat on it.

This last picture always reminds me that I really need to get some stuff up on that wall. Don’t worry… I have plans. (Of course I do.) I am looking forward to my parents next visit for a myriad of reasons including the hanging lamp they will hopefully be bringing. I want it up in that corner. It’s blue with gold fringe and a great big gold tassel. My Grandma Kraft had really great taste! It was hers. I am also hoping for this incredible, large, ornate gold framed mirror. My plan? Put the mirror (if it will fit) over the curio and move what’s there across the room to the white space you see above.  Here’s a picture of what was above the curio. (Apparently i don’t have a decent recent picture. But, you get the idea.)


above curio

Above the curio. Whoa. This picture is old. :/ And blurry. Double :/

Ok, well I’m going to make up for it by showing you what stuff is, after I explain a little. I found a bunch of frames at the thrift store for CHEAP and painted them the same color as my wall. And a few shelves, as well. Aside from the frame on the top left, which has the recent Health Care Act in it, if the frames didn’t have mirrors in them, I put pages from spare Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics that I had laying around. (Apparently I ordered a couple I already had…??? Who does that?? Anyways…) There’s not much more inspiring than a girl my size who saves the world all the time. Plus, they match stuff pretty well! Here’s some better pics:

buffy wings

Buffy has no love for evil faeries.

buffy birds

Buffy’s good with a bow and arrow.


Here’s the other Non-Buffy stuff:

Other Mirror


Other Mirror

Really cute little flower painting.

There’s not a whole lot to say about the rest of these. You may have noticed that the big mirror above wasn’t in the original picture. I moved that other Buffy frame to the bookshelf yesterday. It actually was on the shelf that I completely rearranged  as well. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! You can see the big picture below:



Shelf above curio

All kinds of stuff.

I framed a sticker of my friend’s art work that I liked. I was really happy when I came across those stickers yesterday. I’ve been waiting to use them for something. There’s another one on another shelf above the couch. (I’ll get to it.) I found that little vase in a thrift store, I’ve had that lantern forever. I think the seashell container came from One World Imports in Saint Paul and the candle from a Feng Shui candle set. (Yes, it’s in it’s proper place… I think…).

Oh! I found a picture of part of that chair. And yes, there are cats on it. :)

kittehs on a chair

Riku is getting a little too big to fit up there with Spike. Its like when you can’t fit in the same chair with your sister anymore because you are both too big. Except I don’t think cats care much about that.

Ok, so it’s blurry and you can only see the top of the chair. I was obviously not taking the picture to showcase the chair. There’s lots of stuff on it from the rearranging process. I promise you it is now cleaned off and will hopefully stay that way until the big closet organization project of next week (or the week after, heh..) There’s nothing too special about it. It’s brown, comfy and it rocks. Unless of course you remember my Grandpa Wangler, whose chair this was. That part is kind of special. :)


So, this is getting kinda long, huh? Well, I just noticed that there are lot of pictures, so no complaining, cuz I’m just going to show you a couple more. K?


I mentioned another shelf. I’m pretty happy with these thrift store finds as well as the other stuff I have either made or found to put this little section of my wall together. Here it is:

Above the couch, between the windows.

I really love that center frame and even the print inside. The glass is domed out, too. <3

I find it no coincidence that sticker fit in the frame perfectly. It was meant to be! Looks pretty rad, too.

The framed mirrors and center ornate frame I found at Unique thrift store. I really scored on that oval ornate piece. I think it was like, $6 or something awesome like that. The framed sticker is artwork from talented friends that you can see here:  Bloodtime (Their website is obviously no longer up so click on it if you are curious as to what people put up when they buy out old URLs). I made the TRIFORCE stained glass piece. There’s some of those reeds in lavender oil that keep it smelling pretty nice. I love that little owl. <3 I found him at an antique store in North Saint Paul. I assume the tiny bottles are from thrifting, as well as the little vase.

Alright, I think that is enough for the day! I hope your weekend is full of sunshine and bike rides! I know mine will have at least half of those things. Peace!


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  1. Awesome entry! So hopefully our next trip east will be to your place. We’re hoping yet this month (April), but weather & time are issues right now with trying to get the store up & running. The mirror is a major possibility, so keep planning for it!

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