Sometimes when I put my mind to something, I get a little carried away. I really went to town with the gold spray paint this week and I am pleased with the outcome! I really didn’t take a lot of (any?) before pictures, so you’ll just have to use your imagination, K? Thanks.

I still have things on this list to spray paint and actually ended up painting somethings that aren’t on the list at all.  We’ll start from the top and work our way down, yes?


From boring white to glamorous gold!


One of these days I will take pictures with a camera that’s not my phone. It’s just so handy! Ugh, the top is so bleached out… Well, you get the idea. It really made a big difference. The white was super blah and dirty. Shiny gold is so much more fun!



3 things are sprayed gold. Can you find them?


I found this board lying in my storage room that fit over that shelf almost perfectly. It was just raw pine (probably pine) so the gold really did a lot for it. I also sprayed that formerly clear glass vase and the candle holder for the taper. (Used to be red.) I debated doing the mirror too, but decided against it. I like the look of it the way it is, and didn’t want to ruin it.



above bar

This area needs at least one more thing.

This thing was kind of bronze before.


It’s still not the same gold as the more brassy candle holder sconce next to it, but I like it better. Maybe I will spray the sconce too…  I also did something which I love to an old soap dish that I was going to donate:

I spray painted a green soap dish gold and cut out a funky little profile in some light blue patterned paper that I found and modpodged it onto the dish. Super easy and quick! The bottom of the soap dish has holes for whatever reason ceramic soap dishes have holes, so it hangs on the wall nicely!



soapdish profile

Love it!


I really debated putting it up over by the shelf between the windows, but decided against it. The area above the bar needed more stuff. (Yay, stuff!) I love to up-cycle things if I can. I hate throwing things out, which admittedly is a problem, but if given the time and resources? I can find a use for just about anything. Example:



Background displays from my old job.

I found these old displays from the place where I used to work (I refuse to even mention their name, they don’t deserve the free advertising.) I also used some old display stuff in another project that I will show you soon. I wanted to add some gold to them and debated actually just spraying them all gold all over so I would have plain gold squares to work with, but I liked what the little stencil thing I made did with them, so I left it.


There’s the stencil thing I used. I ended up spraying the clipboard too and hanging it on the wall. I left the stencil on it just because I like the way it looks. I hope to use the clipboard as a schedule holder for when I finally find a job. That will be sweet.

I covered my cork board with some left over fabric from the couch. Looks way better than that crappy thing! And of course, there’s the clipboard on the right. Looks way better gold and shiny than brown and silver, I think. (Like most things.)


Jesus and the St Paul Cathedral

I had originally bought the oval framed Jesus  piece for the oval gold frame, but I decided to try something and really liked how it turned out! I figured, if I hated it, I could just use the frame like I wanted to before, anyways. All I did was take a few pieces of scotch tape and put them in different places on his face before I sprayed it. The end result turned out kinda sweet! I like that if you see it from a distance, it mostly looks abstract until you get up close and see the detail. I didn’t realize that I had a picture of a church right below Jesus until I was captioning the picture above. I like when things accidentally go together. All I did with that one was spray paint the frame it was in. I found that frame empty in an abandoned building. I love finding things that are so useful! It makes me really happy 🙂


Kinda hard to see the Cathedral in this washed out photo. It’s that little speck in the middle…


I do have a Before & After for you after all! Her name is Ophelia and she is a Styrofoam head that I’ve had for a few years. I recently pinned flowers from my nameless former job, on her head like a little flapper cap:

The glass “feather” has been there for years. I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do next until very recently.


I decided Ophelia needed a little more of a glam makeover so I went at her with the gold spray paint (of course). I didn’t think about the fact that spray paint has a bunch of chemicals in it that will affect the Styrofoam by kind of melting it. Whoops!  I think she looks way better now and the chemical burns actually make it so that the gold reflects more and she kind of sparkles!

I dig it:

Gold Ophelia

I just put a little bit of scotch tape over the glass “feather” and went to town!


A few things just got touch ups:

Before: Shelf is all one color.


After: Shelf has gold edging thanks to spray paint and a Q-tip.


















Before: All one color frame.

After: Details get a little golden.





















Empty golden pot in South West corner = Positive money flow Feng Shui. Hope it works!


And last but not least, a testament to the truth of my last post:

If you clean out a space, a kitty will go in it.

I was putting dishes away and the bar cabinet was open…

Riku is not a good dish. He will eat your food.

Until next time…


3 Thoughts on “Fun With Spray Paint!

  1. Fun with spray paint is right!Guess no one told you that brass/gold is out and dated. Hope it comes around fast for you. That said, where you used it is very tasteful and though I’m not a fan of the color, found myself liking the “after’s” more than the “before’s”. I think I would now find something deeper, darker, richer to accent here & there so it doesn’t look too much like a carnival. . .just sayn.

    • Nicole on April 8, 2011 at 4:20 pm said:

      Well YOU”VE told me that but you’re not right. Brass is outdated yes, gold, not so much. It all depends on how you use it. Things always come around again and there’s definitely no carnival going on! We’ll just have to disagree on that one.

  2. Gold spray paint has been on my mind as of late, so I’m pleased this post coincides. My plan is significantly less far-reaching than yours: I need gold shoes for a wedding I’m standing up for and refuse to spend $30 on a pair of shoes I’ll only wear once. The plan is to spray some oldies that I don’t wear anymore anyway.

    That said, your projects turned out WAY more interesting than my silly little shoes will. Muh faves: soap dish, Ophelia and the stenciled squares.

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