Oh hai!


If there is one thing I’ve learned since being the proud mama of cats, it’s that they LOVE to get in any little spot that was previously occupied by just about anything.  As you can see…



Riku on Shelf



I want to put things on that ledge, but they are so cute and happy in the window.

Not one, but 2 kitties in the basket! I wish Riku was still that little! :(

Spike likes to prop himself in these positions. I like to think it’s for my enjoyment, but he may like his belly plunging into those little holes.


I can’t really picture how Spike got his fatness in there.


So, there is just one more reason to clean things out.  Kitties love new spaces just as much as I do!




2 Thoughts on “If you clean out a space, a kitty will go in it.

  1. How did he even get in those spots! Really cool! Nice werk on the living room.

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