Kitchen Colors

I just couldn’t wait to share more pictures and color ideas with you!

I spent some time coming up with color combinations for the kitchen last night,and figured I might as well post them!

Current Kitchen

I lightened the pictures a bit since everything seemed to come out darker and a little orange/yellower than IRL.

Again, everything is BROWN. UGH.

Also, (again) nothing in the pictures belongs to us.  It’s all still the current tenants’ stuff. I am hoping to have a much cuter, much ROUNDER table in the kitchen! This table reminds me of the old one from my folks’ house. I don’t hate it, I’m just OVER IT. No country kitchen!! Ya feel me? I feel like I should remind you that I also still suck at the outlining of the areas to paint, so these are not the classiest looking pictures. These pictures look like a drunk grandma tried to put lipstick on, without a mirror, on a train.

OK! Onto the color schemes!


This is my inspiration via: Google Search

Remember how I said “No country kitchen!!” Yeah… well this is pretty cute. And my version is less “country” I think…


Minty Kitchen:

See? It’s all minty and cute! I really like the 2 tone thing. Still not totally sold on the darker green, but I like it.


Sunny Kitchen

Sunny and Bright!

So, I didn’t have an inspiration photo for this yellow kitchen, except that I like yellow and the kitchen seemed like a good room for it. I really wish that table didn’t look so orange-y, it really throws things off! Meh… This is the weakest link. I know. Really, it’s this last one I’m excited about… I can’t lie!

Bet you couldn’t tell I was having an affair with BLUE:


Can I have it? PUH-LEEEZE?!?!? See, it even has a cute round table. (Though I would ditch the red cushions for some yellow.)

You know what’s also really cool about this? The drawer/cabinet pulls are similar! It’s like my new kitchen WANTS to be this kitchen. It also wants that matching dishwasher, but we’ll take what we can get!

Retro Azure and Aqua:

Blue and Me, sitting in a tree…

I’m thinking something glossy, to get that shiny look of the (what I presume to be) metal or glass cabinets in the inspiration photo. It will also be easier to clean, though if we go this route, I’m leaving the paint type choice to Adorabeau. He has experience with these things. (Lucky me!)

Again, that ugly table is looking ugly. Just try to ignore it… Maybe it will go away…

I already know that I want a pretty pale aqua in the living room. I’ve not decided on the exact color yet, but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just bring that color over to the bottom wall of the kitchen? I think it would be an easy way of making sure the colors don’t clash (since you can see the kitchen from the living room and vice-verse). We’ll see!

As a last little bonus, here is a picture of the side of the house and our bikes. Just because.

Even this side path is cute! :) It’s made of old cobble stones from when they re-did the Minneapolis streets with pavement. 




Hope your weekend is full of fun times! Cheers!

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