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I have been pretty lax on the blog! I know… But things have been pretty busy for someone who is underemployed. And it’s finally SUMMER! I will have some good stuff for you in the coming months. I promise.

September brings a big move! My adorabeau (Get it? Adorable and beau in the same word? I just made it up. I think it’s a good name for him since he is both adorable and my beau.) and I have decided to move in together! And since I moved snuck the cats into his apartment, I practically live at his place these days, anyways. We looked at a place the other day and we LOVED it! We are looking at 3 more this weekend and making a decision. They each have such different and great qualities. I am sure the Pros and Cons lists are going to come out as soon as we finish the showings.

Main things we want:

  • SPACE! We are looking for a place with enough space to really spread out. We both want our own studio space. Adorabeau makes music and needs room to bring in other buds to jam with him. I want space to do glass art and other random creative pursuits. We’re looking at places with 2+ bedrooms. Space is key.
  • GOOD NEIGHBORS! We like to have people over sometimes and sing karaoke into the wee hours. It would be great to be able to do that once in a while (within reason) without getting  passive-aggressived to death. We also want our place to be the place to congregate when people get together. Impromptu gatherings to Dinner Parties.
  • PARKING! There needs to be convenient parking. I don’t want to have to worry about snow emergencies and that kind of BS. It would be nice if friends had an easy time with the parking when they visit as well.
  • NO / LOW PET FEES! I can’t tell you how annoying it is to me that some landlords want you to pay up to $250 per cat (sometimes non-refundable!) and/or have them de-clawed and/or pay monthly “pet rent”.  I am pretty sure there are kids who are worse for apartments than my cats. Why don’t they charge “toddler rent”?
  • REASONABLE UTILITIES! If we have to pay heat in the winter, the rent better be low enough to compensate and/or there better be other amenities to make up for it.
  • GOOD LANDLORD! This could mean a few things. I like a landlord who will make sure things get taken care of, but otherwise, is pretty much absent. If the heat goes out in the middle of the night and we call someone to fix it, the ideal landlord will let us send him a receipt and that much less rent. We are not needy tenants. We can fix things and make things better. In fact, we like doing that kind of stuff! Our kind of landlord would let us make things better.
  • EASY DOWNTOWN ACCESS! Adorabeau works downtown. Our place needs to be a quick bike and/or bus ride downtown.

Do you have any things you can’t live without in an apartment? Do you think any of our “main things” are unreasonable? I’d love to hear from you :)

In the mean time…

Do you know about Pinterest? I am really loving it! While I daydream about what Adorabeau and I can do with our combined forces of creativity, I am constantly finding inspiration on the internets for our future place. I’ve been using Pinterest to keep track of things I like.

You can follow my Design board here:  Interior Exterior

I also keep track of DIY projects here:  CREATE

Feel free to follow any other boards you are interested in and leave comments and/or questions!

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