I don’t know about you, but I have realized that if I try to do too much at once, when it comes to ANY mess project, I’m not likely to even start on it. It becomes too overwhelming and feels like there is something literally keeping me from entering the room of said mess project. I find that if I focus on one small part, and only that part, I’m much more likely to finish it! Today that project is the blue shelf in our kitchen. (This is also why you will see little bits of the house at a time as I tackle different issues within it. Much easier for my sanity.)

Here is the blue shelf before I tackled it:


Blue  Shelf Before

You really shouldn’t be surprised.


Here’s a photo of the shelf after:

Blue Shelf After



Along the way, I had a few more WTF moments. Like: Why do I have so many bags of wheat berries?!

So Many Wheat Berries

3 separate bags! Why?!


Wheat Berries



As yet another testament to my disorganization and poor use of resources in my own home, there were a couple of containers that were sitting on the top shelf, empty. Part of what I did to get things in order was combine open bags of like items. Because we don’t need 3 separate bags of wheat berries. Or brown rice. Or sugar. (Unless it’s different kinds of sugar, apparently.) I almost fit all the wheat berries in one container:




I put bags of extras that wouldn’t fit in containers into one big zipper bag (in their own bags, of course… I didn’t just mix together rice, quinoa, and wheat berries!) and put it in the pantry/cupboard. Then I labeled everything with washi tape and a sharpie. There are a million blogs that talk about and use washi tape, so I won’t get into it too much except to give my quick opinion on the stuff.

Pros: It’s relatively sticky but can still be adjusted after you stick it down. It seems to be similar to art tape and doesn’t leave sticky gunk behind. It’s cute and comes in many widths, patterns, and colors.
Cons: It’s not cheap. (Always a big con for me!) If you have pets, it’s likely you will have hair sticking to it eventually.

We will see how the pet hair thing goes. I may have to find another option for attractive labels if they get too hairy!  Here are some photos of the labels. I’m happy with the way they turned out. For once, I don’t even hate my handwriting. Miracles can happen!

Jars w/labels

Organic Sugar - Labels

Quinoa - Labels










Everything makes more sense with labels! We have an issue of not putting things back where they go around here. Part of it is my fault for not communicating strongly enough about what goes where. Part of the problem is the lack of organization in one area seems to bleed over into other areas. It’s super annoying, but something I am finding to be more and more true. When you don’t know where to put something, you set it where there is room or you make room. Sometimes that room is in an already somewhat organized (or at least clutter-free) area and its like tipping the first domino towards the chaos of the blue shelf. I think the same can be said about time management and is something I should really think more about as well!

I’m feeling pretty good about tackling that shelf. Yes, it was a relatively small project, but you know what? It made a HUGE difference in the over all I-feel-like-the-walls-are-going-to-cave-in-on-me sense of anxiety I get when I’m in the kitchen sometimes.

Do you have a “blue shelf” of your own? I definitely encourage you to attack that little thing. It won’t be as bad as you think! And let me know how it goes!

Until next time,

xoxo, Nicole





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