I think I may be a masochist.

Dan and I have decided to do a diet cleanse for 21 days and we are cutting out all of my favorite things! It will be difficult on so many levels. Mainly, my lack of will power is against me like Ganondorf is against Link.  It’s going to take a few tries to beat it, but I’m up to the challenge!

We are removing what DailyBurn.com calls “The Evil 6″ from our diets.

Here are “The Evil 6″ (With as many Liz Lemon gifs as possible, because, duh.)

Gluten  -I’m going to miss you, delicious pasta.



Soy  – It’s in practically EVERYTHING. UGH.



Dairy  – Adieu, cheese. We will meet again!



Excess Sugar  –



Artificial Sweetener  – Yes! An easy one! I’m already that annoying girl asking about aspartame in that drink mix.

Really, only Chuck Bass could nail the expression I see on baristas’ faces.


Alcohol  – *EMPHATIC SIGH*

I’m not going to get into the health benefits of cutting these things out of your diet. That’s not what I am here to do. (You can Google it!) I am, however, going to share this journey a bit. A few recipes, some things that work, and likely some things that don’t!

A couple of reasons I have decided to do this:

I get migraine headaches and they are a regular thing in my life these days. This majorly sucks and I am SO over it. I’m hoping that this will help lessen the frequency of migraines and as I add things back into my diet after the cleanse, I will be able to tell which things trigger them.

I am also hoping I will have more energy. Sugar carbs are not a quality source of energy! Thank god coffee is still ok to drink and I don’t usually add too much sweet stuff, if any. (Unless I’m at my parents’ house, in which case I load up on the french vanilla creamer they always seem to have in stock!) And with that added energy, it is my goal to do Yoga at least 3 times a week if not more.


I decided on a whim that Friday would be Day 1. So of course, I wasn’t really prepared with lunch.

I ended up raiding the fridge and finding some ground beef, and an avocado. I just made some hamburger patties on the stove, squished the avocado up and mixed in some homemade salsa I didn’t know we had left (Thanks Mom and Dad!) and a few onion chives. I also nuked a sweet potato. That’s where my first temptation to cheat came. How can I eat a baked potato without butter?! UGH!! I just slammed it with some salt and pepper and called it a day. It turned out pretty good, actually. As long as all the bites had a bit of everything. (I’m weird about my food, OK?) The sweet potato was definitely lacking without the butter, but it hit the spot.

Dinner was baked tilapia w/ lemon and thyme and sautéed green beans w/garlic and toasted pecans. I wasn’t on top of things with the camera on that one so you will just have to use your imagination.

Breakfast will be interesting since it usually consists of bread or cereal or some other sugary, gluten filled awesomeness. There will be lots of protein shakes and mini quiches. I’m actually pretty stoked about that. I love those things!

In my next post, I will tell you all about the awesome meal planning service we have used since January. It has seriously changed my life and is going to really help me to figure out what the heck to make within this diet!

Let me know if you have any recipe ideas that exclude “The Evil 6″ – I especially need easy lunch ideas! I’m hoping to make enough at dinner to have leftovers, but that won’t always be the case.

Until next time,

xoxo Nicole

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